This is where I’ll be placing some of the articles I’ve written over the years.

Why you should hire a professional web agency rather than do it yourself

A common question from small and medium sized businesses is why they should spend a few hundred pounds on a professionally built website when a product claims to turn out something just as good for £30? Read on to find out exactly why...

Why your website needs updating

Despite the fact that websites have an address, owning a website is more like owning a car than owning property - its value degrades over time, even more so when you fail to maintain it properly. And like a car, sometimes a complete restoration is needed to make it as valuable as it once was.

Expanding your customer base, locally

One of the commonly cited advantages for having a website was that for many businesses, they would be able to increase their advertising to a wider audience - assuming they could actually provide products or services across the continent or even globally. While this is still a major benefit for having a website, a new audience has re-emerged as a major target for your marketing strategies - customers in your own local area.

A commercial case for web accessibility - part one

In this article I try to convince businesses to see the benefits of Web Accessibility by explaining it in terms that will interest them: How it could affect them financially. Money talks, and I hope that they will listen to what I have to say. Who knows, maybe someone will take an active interest after reading this and do great things for web accessibility?

A commercial case for web accessibility - Part two

In the first part of our look at web accessibility and how it can benefit businesses, I told you that web accessibility benefited not just those in the obvious groups, but pretty much everyone else as well. So now I'll explain myself with a few small examples of things that usually fall foul of web accessibility guidelines, and how improving them will bring wider benefits.

Fifteen mistakes you should avoid having on your website

This article first appeared on my old website, back in 2004. I'm reposting it here for posterity, but most of it, if not all of it, is still valid 8 years later.