I’ve written a couple of Industry related articles over the years. More recently I’ve gotten into writing fictional stories, novels and screenplays. You can find some examples of these in this section.


I've written a couple of screenplays since 2011. One was for a film project that is due to begin filming in the summer of 2012 so I can't publish it here, but I will publish some other examples in here if I am free to do so.

Industry Articles

This is where I’ll be placing some of the articles I’ve written over the years.


I occasionally write articles for other websites about a variety of subjects. Some examples can be found in this section.

The Wait - A Short Story

I look at my watch. Seven minutes. Estimated time of arrival, seven minutes. I shuffle my feet back and forth. This is the bit I hate, whenever I have to do this. The waiting for things...outside of my control.