Back in 2002 I got involved in a craze most commonly known as mashups, but has also gone by many other names including bootlegs and bastard pop. My online alias at this time was Churchill, which became my “producer name”, though I had a few aliases:

  • Churchill
  • Good Idea Bad Execution (GIBE)
  • Amanda Van Holden
  • DJ Trapper John
  • Andy Asylum
  • Jonsai

I featured regularly on the foremost messageboard dedicated to mashups, attended various mashup related nights in London, had a go at DJing around the UK, got my productions played on radio stations including XFM London, and Kiss FM, as well as around the world. Videos were made to accompany the tracks and made their way onto digital music television channels like Kiss Digital and Q TV. Around this time I was also getting involved with DJing at an online radio station.

I also released a short series of podcasts called MakeSomeNoise, which was a mix of mashups, remixes, covers and guest DJ mixes, including a Christmas Special and a best of 2005 new year special, which were well received.

I quit the “scene” for a bit, but the mashup history came back to the fore when my DJing and music collection took me into the world of Second Life, as Andy Asylum, where I managed and DJed in an official Pontiac sponsored virtual nightclub, Parkade, and played warm up for Jay Z’s one and only Second Life appearance via Jimmy Kimmel Live.

I have lost most of my mashups and mixes to various PC crashes through the years. Some of it still exists out on the World Wide Web, if you can find it, but it’s probably not worth your time. For now, here’s a selection of links that I am not totally embarrassed by. One of these days, when I’m free from other distractions, I’ll try and come up with something new.

Here’s one I made earlier: Prodigy vs No Doubt – “Hella Good Girls”, has amassed a large number of views on Youtube, my most popular one, which has taken my youtube channel viewcount past the 1 million mark.

Someone else uploaded this, but the audio mix is mine. Babamania vs Prodigy – Class A Drugs:

And another audio mix by me (Under the GIBE alias) that somebody has else uploaded: Crystal Method vs Deep Dish – Born 2 Flash

And another: Outkast vs Superman Lovers – Starlight over Baghdad, skip to 3 mins 6 seconds in:

And another: Eminem vs Lenny Kravitz – Cleaning out my fly