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Andrew Johns - LegendThat's me in the picture there. I'm a 36 year old London based Web Developer and a father of two. An Arsenal fan since the mid to late 80s, and a bit of a geek for gadgets, technology and generally other cool things.

I am a contracting web developer. My main skills include ASP.NET/C#, via HTML, Javascript and CSS.  Knowledge of MVC and Javascript frameworks, Object Oriented Javascript, SEO, Web Standards and Web Accessibility. Find out more about my skill set, and see the list of websites I've worked on over the years.

Other hobbies and interests are music, both listening and producing, writing stories and screenplays, watching the odd film or TV show, particularly sci-fi, and genealogy.

I think that is a pretty good summary of who I am. Depending on why you are here, you will probably want to try one of the links in the menu above. If you want to get in touch, feel free to contact me.

For the avoidance of doubt...

Most people seem to skip the introduction and end up on the contact page, which is probably why I keep getting emails meant for other people called Andrew Johns. I'm not the disgraced former Rugby League Aussie, nor am I an Olympic triathlete, though at least we are both from the UK, so you're getting warmer.

I'm also not a financial advisor from Canada, the fantastically talented keyboardist from Canadian 80s band Boulevard, or a legendary music engineer and producer (RIP) either, sadly.

Latest updates from the blog

Random posts covering an assorted array of topics.

What I hate about being in the Green Party

Being in the Green Party is incredibly frustrating at times. Why? Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Share on Google

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18 months a green

It’s been about 18 months since I finally got fed up with just moaning on Facebook about the state of the UK and joined a political party, in my case the Green Party. I wrote about my decision to join the Green Party and vote green a while back. 18 months on, what has happened? […]

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Hacked – A Game – Tennis Rally V1

A simplistic tennis rally game, in 120 lines. You’re not meant to be able to beat the computer opponent, your aim is to keep the rally going. Written using the Hackpad in the Android app “Hacked”, which I’ve written more about here. Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Share on Google

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